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All CCF member items directly on eBay Cilician Armenia Levon I Silver Tram Cilician Armenia Levon I Silver Tram Seleucid Kingdom Antiochus VIII Antioch Mint 121-96 BC Radiate hd / Eagle ReversHadrian Sestertius RIC 610 - Nice ConditionConstans AE Centenionalis Trier Mint - RIC 219 Elagabalus Provincial Nikopolis - Apollo Naked Sacrifice at Alter Reverse - RareMysia Pergamon Head of Athena with Coiled Serpent Reverse Marcus Aurelius AR Denarius RIC 081 Silver Roman CoinRoman Diocletian AE Follis Heraclea Mint RIC VI 17aTrajan AR Denarius AD 98-117 RIC 128Thrace Apollonia Pontica Silver Drachm - 450-400 BC - Nice ConditionSassanian King Khusro II Silver Dirhem - Persian Pre-Islam - Extra Fine ++ Sassanian King Khusro II Silver Dirhem - Persian Pre-Islam - Near Mint State! Sassanian King Khusro II Silver Dirhem - Persian Pre-Islam - Extra Fine! 1802 BN Draped Bust Cent HIGH GRADE2006 P Doubled Earlobe Lincoln Memorial Cent-(2006P 1 DO-018) MINT STATE!Two 100 Troy Ounce Engelhard Silver Bars Consecutive Serial Numbers 1799 British Britania Half Penny 1791 British Half Penny Condor John Wilkinson Iron Master 1741 Ireland Half Penny East India House Condor British Half Penny TokenNorwich Francis Newton Silversmith & Jeweler British Half Penny TokenManuel I Billon Aspron Trachy. 1143-1180 AD. Virgin Mary Enthroned Sear 1964 1882 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENT # 2 OF 2 A SLIDER GRADE 1882 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENT HIGH GRADE # 1 OF 2 SET OF 4 1884 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENTS VARIETIES 1886 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENT HIGH GRADE BEAUTY 1891 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENT HIGHER GRADE BEAUTY 1892 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENT HIGHER GRADE BEAUTY 1893 CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA LARGE CENT HIGH GRADE BEAUTY All CCF member items directly on eBay
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