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All CCF member items directly on eBay 2012 ICCS MS66 1 cent Red Non Magnetic Canada one penny2011 ICCS MS66 1 cent Red Magnetic Canada one penny2007 ICCS MS65 1 cent Red (Magnetic, Die chip on logo) Canada one penny2002 ICCS MS66 1 cent Red Canada one pennyHuge collection of Canadian Coins 1 5 10 25 50 $1 $2 Nearly complete sets 1912 CANADA LARGE CENT VERY HIGH GRADE BEAUTY Must See 1956 CANADIAN SILVER DIME BETTER GRADE TONED 2006 Liberia $10 Endless Love dollars wedding heart coin silver silberEquatorial Guinea 1980 2000 Ekuele Silver Coin oz silber (not somalia elephant)1976 South Sudan Silver 2 1/2 2.5 pounds Stork silber wild life1995 China Year of Pig medal 1 yuan banknote lunar bronze 10 1991 1980 silver1974 Indonesia Orangutan 5000 Rupiah 1oz Silver Coin, silber1986 SILVER SEOUL OLYMPIC 5000 & 10000 WON COIN SET silber 1 1/2 oz 1988 1987 2006 World Cup silver coin set 10 2 rand $5 Africa Mexico Germany 2005 FIFA oz2000 Mongolia 2500 tugrik 5 oz silver Year of the Dragon Drache rare silber2011 France 10 euro 3 coin set Les Miserables La semeuse Europa silver silber2002 British Virgin Islands Teddy Bear $10 silver coin rare1993 France 100 Francs 15 ecus silver silberNorway 20 euro Fox 1997 silver rare silber2000 2 oz Year of the Dragon Silver $ Australien lunar 1 drache silber2001 1 oz kookaburra proof Silver $ Australien 1 silber 200 coins minted Zambia 2002 4000 kwacha Victoria Japan Britain Sovereign silverGuinea 1970 John Kennedy 200 Francs Silver Coin Proof half dollar USATaiwan 2006 Year of Dog 1oz Silver Coin,With 2 Brass Coins, Proof lunar ChinaJapan 1991 Kappa Coin medal Tokyo 1 oz silver silber round yen rare unzeSweden 20 euro Moose 1996 silver rare silber1988 Egypt Silver 5 Pounds Coin Summer Olympics Seoul Korea Proof KM6261993 China Year of Rooster 1 yuan banknote lunar bronze 10 1992 silver1988 SILVER SEOUL OLYMPIC 5000 & 10000 WON COIN SET silber 1 1/2 oz 1988 1987 2011 Cook Islands $1 First Man in Space 1 dollar oz Silver Coin Gagarin USSR All CCF member items directly on eBay
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1850 large centERROR OR WHAT? Please help with any info.1968 D Lincoln Cent DDR MaybeWhy I love coinsFeedback Question - What Would You Do?1983 penny ddr or not.1984 penny double ear?London coin show1 Dollar SC 1899help identifying austria thaler1 sided error nickleDenmark Rigsbank Skilling Error?Question about how to collect American Silver EaglesMy reasons why the Canadian coin market is still 'depressed'1924 P Buffalo Nickel Two Feathers or Two and a half featherLegal Tender Question: Pennies in Banks1916 D Buffalo Nickel MM into legend1917 D Wheatie MM UFO ?1967 diving cougarAnyone Ever Found 2007 Canadian 1 Cent Non-Magnetic in rollSilver Dollar AssistanceNeed help on a dealStoring ICCS flips.A Sunny start to a rainy Saturday Morning1917 buffalo nickel1910-D 10$ Eagle [PCGS]HadrianTrout1105 eBay listings1953D Lincoln Cent Is this a mint mark error?1952 D Melting Face Lincoln Cent'90 no FS?Finally found one (maybe more) PEI Pennies AU+Once again.. Large vs small date on 1875 5 centI saw my first silver dime...Fair price for $20 Gold Certificate?$50 Note - Is this an error? or should I throw it backthis forum is awesomeWorking on a $1 bill collectionMacrinus? RIC? SEAR?Anyone have any nice finds from strap hunting? SN, Errors et
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What happens to gold and silver next? Look out below?A Die Cap from ArgentinaStacking with a 4 times microscope objective: advise neededPost your new currency acquisitions!Canadian Roll HuntingERROR OR WHAT? Please help with any info.1 Dollar SC 18991964-D LMC uniface reverse...Feedback Question - What Would You Do?Need help on a deal1850 large centQuestion about how to collect American Silver EaglesI saw my first silver dime...1917 D Wheatie MM UFO ?1 sided error nickleWorking on a $1 bill collection"Days of".. Vicky 5 cent pieces...VcoinsCheck out this AWESOME 5 ounce copper coin I bought1968 D Lincoln Cent DDR MaybeRoad CoinsDenmark Rigsbank Skilling Error?Legal Tender Question: Pennies in BanksWhy I love coinsCheck out my poured bar accumulation.Lots of silver, or little gold?help identifying austria thaler1910-D 10$ Eagle [PCGS]London coin show1983 penny ddr or not.1 oz. Fine Silver Coin Maple Leaf Impression1988-D RDV-006A couple of tokens I picked up in a collection I just gotAnyone Ever Found 2007 Canadian 1 Cent Non-Magnetic in roll1984 penny double ear?That lost coinThe 1961-S Lincoln pennyStoring ICCS flips.Finally found one (maybe more) PEI Pennies AU+Circulated Business Strike Morgan Set.....done!
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