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All CCF member items directly on eBay 1957 D Lincoln Cent Red Denver Mint Beautiful Toning Toned Uncirculated MS1936 Buffalo Nickel Full Date Philadelphia Mint1946 Canada 1 cent FREE SHIPPING - FC-000121914 Barber Dime (ID: 19141_52)1916 Barber Dime (ID: 19163_16)1862 Richmond CSA Confederate Currency $1 Dollar Bill / Note Estate Auction1917 Lincoln Cent Philadelphia Mint Nice Coin 1918 D Lincoln Cent Denver Mint Nice Coin Good Date 1940 P Lincoln Cent Philadelphia Mint Nice Uncirculated Coin RB1943 D Lincoln Cent Steel Denver Mint Lusterful Coin 1875-S Seated Liberty 20 Cents 1864 Richmond CSA Confederate Currency $5 Dollar Bill / Note Estate Auction1854 Braided Hair Half Cent VF1862 Richmond CSA Confederate Currency $5 Dollar Bill / Note Estate Auction1859 Indian Head Cent1909 British India 1/12 Anna PCGS MS631877 S Trade Dollar AU1940 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT in EF+1936 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT in VF+1918 D LINCOLN WHEAT CENT in VG #11940S LINCOLN WHEAT CENT in VF1917 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT in VGWOW!!! 1967 Canada 1c Penny One Cent Canadian Copper Coin Centennial DoveCabela's from Grandville, MIchigan Elongated (Smashed) Penny1 RATION POINT TOKEN WW II OPA (Office of Price Administration) ORIGINAL RED 1907 V nickle1912 V nickle1910 V nickle1908 V nickle1911 V nickle All CCF member items directly on eBay
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Engraved 1913 Buffalo But Not A HoboI think a 1958D RPM 044, but check out the 8cleaned?1919-s lincoln cent, what's it worth?1879 CC Morganfinally got a good start on my world crowns setFinally finished a set1863 One PennySome very nice US & World coins ending Sun 8/24 & Mon 8/251921 S Zerbe special strike possibilityLooking for info on this chopmarked 8 reale cobTesting my new camera on an overdate1866 3 cent die clashBuffalo Nickel Button MoldThis eBay seller is a comedian1796 Bust Dollar......"Don't know much about it" lolLooking for my first 5 oz bar2005 $10 need explanation1990D Greaser... "iberty"Two Bronze Roman Coinswhat I found1870 Dominion of Canada 25 Cent Note Plate B - Error note?1885-O Morgan1988 D FS-901 is it even close ?Recent pocket change observations1906 IHC Roll Find2011 LSC DDR#1How to return coins to the RCM from the USHelp Identifying This Coin PleaseWorld Trade Center Coins1 2005 state quarter reversed in mint setHello!Ebay feedback system is a jokeCopper pricesNCG graiding company?listed a BUNCH of NICKEL Canada dollars and qualitPosting error messageSell my Gold & non-PM coins to buy Silver, good investment ?1924 Canada 5 Cents1809 cbh #2
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The 86 Days of US Type Coins (Dansco 7070) (Act III)The 28 Days of American Silver EaglesWhat is the greatest American coin of all time?Engraved 1913 Buffalo But Not A Hobo1879 CC MorganI think a 1958D RPM 044, but check out the 8Cool Lincoln Roll Finds (from bank rolls) - Post Yours!The 22 Days of Classic Canadian Coinage!1809 cbh plscleaned?1809 cbh #21990D Greaser... "iberty"1796 Bust Dollar......"Don't know much about it" lolEbay feedback system is a jokeNCG graiding company?Testing my new camera on an overdateWhy we crh1919-s lincoln cent, what's it worth?Started a half dollar date set (1916-2016)Finally finished a setHelp Identifying This Coin Please2005 $10 need explanationWater Tight Boxes For Storage?Nice $20 Binary I received from the ATMSuperman coins1957D RPM HelpFocus Help Amscope Thanks1879 S morgan1885-O MorganMy first time CRHing, Beginner's Luck? [1858 Flying Eagle]How can this possibly still be MS65?a poll No.2 your favorite errors(minting problems)finally got a good start on my world crowns set1999 25 cent line in hair?1882 O morganIt all goes downhill from there.. 1934-S PEACE DOLLARPCGS Crossover sale @ Longbeach Expohow to take picturesSell my Gold & non-PM coins to buy Silver, good investment ?What might this medallion be?
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