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All CCF member items directly on eBay Australia, 1933 Florin - PCGS MS63 - Key date and rareAustralia, 1924 Shilling - PCGS MS64Australia, 1879 Sydney St George Reverse Sovereign - PCGS MS62Australia, 1918 Perth Half Sovereign - PCGS MS62Great Britain, 1872 St George Reverse Sovereign - PCGS MS65Australia, 1912 Shilling - PCGS MS63Australia, 1933 Shilling - PCGS MS62Great Britain, 1837 Sovereign - PCGS MS62Australia, 1912 Sixpence - PCGS MS64Great Britain, 1853 Sovereign - PCGS MS64Australia, 1928 Melbourne Sovereign - PCGS MS621915 Birmingham Halfpenny - PCGS-graded MS62BNGreat Britain, 1893 Two Pound - PCGS MS63Great Britain, 1902 Proof Two Pound - PCGS PR63Australia, 1919 Melbourne Sixpence - PCGS MS64French Indo-China - 1947 Piedfort Piastre PCGS PR65 Mintage 104 RAREAustralia 1959m Halfpenny 1d PCGS MS66RD Gem Uncirculated Red Highest GradedAustralia, 1957 Perth Proof Penny - PCGS PR66RDGreat Britain, 1853 Sovereign - PCGS MS63Australia, 1924 Sydney Sovereign - PCGS MS61Australia, 1914 London Halfpenny - PCGS MS65BNAustralia, 1926 Florin - PCGS MS63Australia, 1931 Melbourne Sovereign - PCGS MS62Great Britain, 1826 Sovereign - PCGS AU58Australia, 1898 Sydney Sovereign - PCGS-MS62Australia, 1872 Sydney St George Reverse Sovereign - PCGS MS61Australia, 1914 London Florin - PCGS MS62Great Britain, 1844 Sixpence Large "44" - PCGS MS66Australia, 1863 Sydney Mint Sovereign - PCGS AU58Australia, 1917 Melbourne Threepence - PCGS MS65 All CCF member items directly on eBay
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2015 $20-For-$20 ($25-For-$25)1887 1 Cent simply interesting error1872 Indian Head Cent......You vs. NGCIke 1976 pocket piece Wear questions.penny dated 7983Can you still make money buying mint coins1939 Cent - Double "39"Lowball bid on 1953 $2Post Some Eye Candy!Royal Canadian Mint assures collectors banks will take NCLTAlphabetic ancients game.Obverse or Reverse? Which one are you?Favorite Coins!VancouverIslandCoinKid Tradelist! CanadaCanadian Tire sale, ask for this model for Christmas?Steel nickel? 1953 Stanley Steel.Sweden 1858 2 Ore--What's wrong with the date +DDO?need help identifying this coin2015 Uncirculated Mint setPossible 2010-D WDDO-001 LSC What do you think?The Gold Standard VoteMy 10K Giveaway!George VI cent, scarce errorbeware dealers that are moving prices up today like MCM1995 D Double Die ObverseWhat to look for when searching through wheat cents?"Barbarous" - a rather inaccurate termHi and thank you for having meCash drawer hunting.Should I Save All Bi-Centennial Halfs?New 1.25oz Bison1852 Large Cent1935D Washington Quarter. Please grade1975 South African Proof Set in boxStore Card Token Broas Bros. OverstruckUnknown coinsSegovia 1682 eight real. need inoutByzantine? Should I buy this coin?Landon collectionHow much does it take from the value
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