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Missing Clad Layer : Wyoming : Coin Store  

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New Member

United States
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 Posted 11/27/2007  4:33 pm Show Profile Bookmark this topic Add easymobee to your friends list Get a Link to this Message

I work at a Grocery store in Denver, Colorado (king soopers).

Last week (the day before Thanksgiving) I cracked open a roll of Quarters and found a missing clad layer Wyoming quarter (reverse side). At the time I had no idea what it was or whether or not it was worth anything at all, but I went ahead and swapped it out for one of my quarters just in case.

The quarter itself is in mint condition and I know its a real one, because it came from a solid roll of Wyoming Quarters. That leads me to believe that the only circulation it saw was from the Denver Mint, to Wells Fargo, and then King Soopers without ever leaving its original roll. I was thrilled to see that its worth something more than a quarter when I researched it online.

I'ma novice with these things obviously, so I'mholding onto it to see if I can get a good price (probably ebay at this point).

Today I took it to some coin stores, just to get a feel for what they might think. Out here in Denver there is a stretch on Broadway street that has 3 consecutive coin (jewelry) shops.

The 1st one is pretty much all Coins and Paper Currency. Its a store that has been around since I was a young kid (29 now) and they have a great stock of cool stuff. They even have a section just for error coins, although they have no missing clad layer errors on display as of now. This place has real high-end inventory and its obviously doing real well.

The owner was there today and he took a look at my coin, he immediately took it in back to maybe weigh it or look at it magnified and actually looked like he had a good amount of interest in the coin. He came back a few minutes later and basically told me that the coin had little - no value, but he would give me 10$ for it. As he told me this he already had the 10$ on the counter and looked obviously surprised when I didn't bite.

I was on my way out and he kinda held me there and asked me what I was gonna do with it (cause that 10$ was still available) and I told him i'd probably look into EBay and I told him that there are coins like this there with good active bidding going for 300$+, he looked at me like he was amazed and he actually almost implied that he had never heard of this "EBAY" with his reaction (his exact words escape me, but he handled the word ebay as if it were in a foreign language). Finally I was leaving and he made me put it back on the counter (literally made me) and doubled his offer to 20$. That was as high as he went.

Its especially funny and I didn't point it out to him, but right on his counter there was a book about error coins that I was looking at while waiting for him to finish up with other customers. In the book right there it has the state quarters with missing clad layers generically listed as 100$ and up. It looked to me as if he had been reading the book himself at some point in that day.

After that I went next door to another place that I wasn't nearly as optimistic about. Its about 70% Jewelry and 30% Coin. He doesn't display any error coins and seems more interested in commemorative sets. After waiting for this meth-head couple ahead of me to sell a couple of fistfulls of jewelry that who knows where they got it for 328$, he took a look at it and said it was worthless and just a novelty .... and I really believe that he did think that. No offer at all. Nice guy, but I don't think he's that interested in coins really, unless they are gold-silver etc ...

After that, I skipped the 3rd shop (It seemed more Pawn-Shoppy than the 2nd) and that leads me here.

I'mlooking for good advice on what I should do with this coin.

Its mint condition other than a half a centimeter scratch on the back state side ( has to be from cracking the roll open and the tumble into the quarter tray ) other than that its uncirculated.

any advice would be appreciated.

Edited by easymobee
11/27/2007 4:48 pm
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 11/27/2007  4:50 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add arthrene to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Good call not taking the $20. Can we see some pictures?
New Member
United States
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 Posted 11/27/2007  5:17 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add easymobee to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply

Image: quarter.jpg
8.64 KB

Reverse side
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United States
14452 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  5:19 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Bryan1315 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
as you already stated from your research these things can go for quite a bit of money (definately more than $20.00) and I think the first coin dealer knew this. I would have gotten real angry with any dealer "making" me do anything with my coin I didn't want to do and I would have probably swallowed the thing right there in front of him and walked out. All that being said I don't like the fact he took the coin in the back, any respectable coin dealer would go back in the back and get his equipment and bring it to the front while you held the coin yourself or it was on the counter because now you don't know if he had one that was messed with back there that wasn't authentic (which I doubt the chances of him having the same exact state quarter back there but I just don't like this little fact) and anything that you don't have possession of or can see at all times is out of your control and I don't like being out of control. There is a error dealer that actually deals in things like this with the name of Ken Potter, you could email him (do a search for his name and I am sure you could find his website) and ask him what he may give you for it or what it may be worth

Edit: I just saw your picture and it is not good enough for us to tell anything about the coin, you need to put the camera in macro mode and try and get closer and maybe crop the picture to show just the coin so we can see what you are referring to about this coin
New Member
United States
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 Posted 11/27/2007  5:22 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add easymobee to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply

Image: quarter2.jpg
64.27 KB

Front - sorry, only have access to my phone camera.
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 11/27/2007  5:34 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Amazon99 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I definitely think it's worth much more than $20 bucks. Never go to that guy again, because he seems scummy. Of course, when you sell it for a premium, go back and tell him how good this "ebay" thing is and how much money you got from it.

Depending on the condition of the coin, it might be of interest for you to send it in to a third party grading service. Can you borrow a camera from a friend that can give you a good close up of the coin?
United States
1154 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  5:47 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add laxmaster92 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Missing clad would make the coin redish-to brown. Both pics you show show no evidence.
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United States
14452 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  6:05 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Bryan1315 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
well I think with the story that the dealer had the coin in hand and was interested enough to offer $20.00 pretty much assures me that the coin has something different about it and not just a regular quarter no matter how the pictures look
New Member
United States
6 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  6:21 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add easymobee to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Once again, sorry about the quality of the pics. My Wife has a nice camera that I could not find (she's working) and I will try to upload better pics later on.

As for the Coin Dealer, I knew walking in that he was gonna lowball me and was not surprised at all when he did ... but I did want to gauge his reaction to its condition and just get a general overall sense of what he thought.

A. I've found old pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters before that I thought might be worth something and taken them into places like this and even this particular place prior to this(before I had access to the internet and quick research at home). When I was in my late teens I used to always be on the lookout for old coins. It was always disappointing to me because I never made any good money from it, and if I had an old as dirt nickel that was old but only worth 25 cents, then the dealer told me that. He never said that it wasn't worth anything, but i'll give you 10 (then 20) dollars for it.

So I took it as a good sign that while he told me that the coin was " worth nothing much" that he still offered me 20$ in the end, in addition to going out of his way to hold me there a little longer than I planned. To be honest, the best case scenario I had envisioned before I walked in was an offer of 100$ and I wouldnt have sold it for that even.

I know he's in it to make money, so I know that the coin if bought for 20$ is gonna sell from his case for at least double that (much more in reality) and it was such an obvious attempt at a screwjob that I really actually enjoyed it.

B. He confirmed that it was a genuine missing clad layer coin for me. He never tried to offer me any other explanation for its appearence, instead he focused on downplaying the demand for that particular error. I was 99% sure going in, because of how I found it ... but now I'm100% sure.

In the end, thanks for the advice.

The worst part of this is that I'mnow looking through so many quarters at work for more of these, and I doubt that ill ever find another.

Its definitely addictive.

Im gonna get it authenticated and graded and then most likely ebay it. Ill post a link to the auction here when I do, just in case anyone might have an interest.
Edited by easymobee
11/27/2007 6:41 pm
Pillar of the Community
United States
1709 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  6:23 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add arthrene to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Do you have a scanner? Could maybe get a larger picture that way.
New Member
United States
6 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  6:28 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add easymobee to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply

good call on not letting a dealer take my coin to the back.

never even occurred to me.

I'll definitely get a better picture up somehow.

Thanks again for the advice/comments, I havent had anyone other than my wife to talk to about my find ( and she's more interested in how to sell it than anything ).

Edited by easymobee
11/27/2007 6:40 pm
United States
703 Posts
 Posted 11/27/2007  7:15 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Errorcoins to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Missing clad layer WY should be worth 100 -200 plus +++ depending on the buyer... ebay would get you the most cash, but you have to have sharp clean photos.

Valued Member
United States
116 Posts
 Posted 11/29/2007  02:25 am  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add peachymargarita to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Hey easymobee,

If you would like some help I'll offer some. I have found a SHQ missing the reverse clad as well. They can be a bit tricky to authenticate. Do you own a scale? That is always the first test for me. It should come in around 4.7 grams.

If you need to use a scale and get some better pics for Ebay, the best place to sell after Coin Community!, I live in Parker and would not mind assisting.

Just trying to help you get the most for your coin.

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