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How To Collect World Coins?

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New Member
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 Posted 07/26/2021  08:35 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add bujub to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Pmint1 I started also recently with collecting coins and asked myself the same question!

I already have a few coins and looking at them and others on the internet I realized that I like big silver coins with kings/queens and I want to focus on the 19th century, because that's a time span where the coins are still affordable to me and there were much more kingdoms than now (for example several ones in Germany, Austria, Italy and others). I also like the bigger coins with a diameter of about 37mm and weight of about 26g much more then the smaller ones.

I collect more than one coin per country if there's another ruler on it or if the face of the ruler changed, for example spanish coins of the late 19th century with King Alfonso XIII show his face in different ages.

As I like to have a collection more or less complete and not too big and like this I don't have to collect hundreds or thousands of different.

If that makes any sense I don't know but maybe that gives you an idea from another new collector!
Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 07/26/2021  9:49 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Pmint1 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for all the great ideas. I am close to completing my Morgan business strike set then I can afford to collect more world coins. I've started Canadian silver dollars which are beautiful and more affordable than Morgan's (with a few exceptions) I like the idea of 19th century crown sized world coins. Could be an interesting pursuit.
Pillar of the Community
New Zealand
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 Posted 07/27/2021  8:51 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Princetane to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Besides my standard big collections of NZ, Australia, Fiji, Halfcrowns and Florins, I also collect a lot of world coins - particularly any country that fascinates me or also has stamps attached that interest me.

For instance Greece and Denmark, in both cases I have at least one type of most circulation coins issued in base metal and thanks to 2 or 3 world bulk silver coin mixes, I also have many of the late silver coins.

Mostly my world coins go into country bags and sit in metal boxes. Very high grade or scarce coins have own folders, but this is the fun part of my collection and most countries I have a bag or two.

Big countries (50 or more coins)

Netherlands - 70 Guilders in old base metal, 37.5 in Silver
Spain - 2000 Pesetas worth
Greece - at least 3000 Drachme, multiple examples of every coin from 1954 onwards except the 5 lepta of 1954 and large 20 and 50 Drachma coins of 1973 and 1980.
Turkey - my coins from there tell the story of their inflation from the 1930s to now, from the tiny 1 kurus of 1969 to the 250,000 lira coin of 2003.
Fiji - Nearly $100 in spare change
Australia - all up there would be close to $500 in face value
USA - Nearly $90 worth of unsorted change
Canada - $27 in coins including 3 Twonies.
Switzerland - 50 Francs in base metal and silver

Loving Halfcrowns. British and Commonwealth coins 1750 - 1950 and anything Kiwi.
If it's round, shiny and silvery I will love it.
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 07/27/2021  9:17 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add swamperbob to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Pmint1 If I may I will make a second comment. If you collect US dollars and Canadian dollars why not look at the Mexican dollars that effectively started it all in North America.

The US Dollar was based on the Mexican Portrait 8 Reales - that is common knowledge. But what most collectors seem to forget is that 90% of all silver coinage circulating in the US in 1845 was still MEXICAN in origin. By 1845 the US mints, Philadelphia and New Orleans had only produced enough coins so that each American could only posses 2-3 simultaneously.

Those are the facts that made me reconsider collecting early US in favor of the real coinage of the common man who lived here.

So why not complete the dollar series of North America before moving on to wider fields?

PS I have nothing against world coin collecting per see but collecting should start at home - then digress.
My book on Counterfeit Portrait 8Rs is available from Amazon or from me directly if you want it signed.
Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 07/27/2021  10:19 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Pmint1 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for suggesting Mexican coins. I really like the idea of focusing on North American "dollars". I have a couple already and love the designs of the Mexican "dollars". I'll hop over to one of my favorite purchasing sites and see what's available. Thanks!
Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 07/28/2021  07:02 am  Show Profile   Check beem's eBay Listings Bookmark this reply Add beem to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
"PS I have nothing against world coin collecting per see but collecting should start at home - then digress."

That may be great unless your home is the US, which is also the home of the most overvalued coins in the world.
Pillar of the Community
United Kingdom
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 Posted 07/28/2021  11:38 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Bacchus2 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I started out with a OFEC type idea - about 40 years ago.
That evolved into coins I couldn't read (ie, arabic or south Asian inscriptions)
That jumped to the Roman Provincial coins of an obscure child emperor called Diadumenian (I have an identification aid website)
That morphed into Thalers of rulers in a photograph of German state kings, princes and the like (see link below)
That expanded into crown sized silver - also on my webpage
That sort of reverted back to rupees of India - both Mughal and Princely states - also on my website plus a handy mint identifier
And with all of the above keeping an eye on British Empire related and anything medieval, hammered and penny sized (sort of 1000CE to 1550CE)

What I avoided was coins from my home countries of the UK and Ireland as not exotic enough - but I do dabble slightly now.

Pretty straightforward really.

Check out the page linked below for that particular idea.
Edited by Bacchus2
07/28/2021 11:45 am
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 07/28/2021  12:15 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add hcmusicguy to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
My first relationship with coin collecting 20+ years ago was mostly foreign face value coins that my relatives either had laying around or brought back from travels (one of my aunts is a retired Navy nurse who has been stationed all over the world, and who has taken cruises just about everywhere there is to do so). Almost nothing of any value, but some looked cool to a 9 year old, especially the bimetallic ones.

Fast forward to 2013 when I got back into collecting again. While I mainly do US, I have also taken an interest in foreign, but this time with a focus.

It started with the Elizabeth II Lsd coinage from the UK (decimal coins do nothing for me), which branched out to any UK back to Victoria (maybe in the future will try to go further back). Then from there to any world coin (mostly silver) with an image of the British monarch.....Canada (a big focus), Austraila, NZ, etc. From there I have also added Irish coinage, again with a focus on Lsd, and a little continental European silver coinage here and there.

Unrelated to that is a huge interest I took in the last year or so in Mexican silver coinage, since they have a wonderful tradition of large silver coins. I think this was kind of spurred by the fact that my LCS guy pretty much gives me any of the 10% Pesos that come in, since no one else wants them and he can't profitably melt them.

I also look forward in the future to getting into some more Latin American silver here and there.

I have very little interest in east Asian coinage. If I can't read it, I generally don't collect it.
Oldest circulation finds: Cent 1902; 3CN 1867; Nickel 1930; Dime 1914; Quarter 1876; Half 1936; Dollar 1900; Banknote 1928 $2; Foreign 1917 3d (United Kingdom)
Edited by hcmusicguy
07/28/2021 12:19 pm
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 08/13/2021  10:58 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add NumisEd to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I collect Guldens from the Netherlands because of ancestry. Just finished my Gulden type set. Now thinking about doing a proof commemorative set (10 Gulden).
I would love to do a Provincial Silver Rider Type Set, but I think it would bankrupt me...
Edited by NumisEd
08/13/2021 10:59 pm
Bedrock of the Community
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 Posted 08/13/2021  11:45 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add sel_69l to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I started into World coin collecting about 40 years ago,
just to extend out of the area of the few ancient coins I had already collected.

I decided to search dealers' junk boxes with prices of individual up to $20 each. 40 years ago, a 'junk' coin with a numismatic value of $20 is very much more valuable in numerical dollar terms now.

I placed three restrictions on what I picked out:
1. I decided to only collect World coins that qualified to be actually used as money.
2. I decided to collect any World coin (including ancients hammered and milled coins and major errors), up until 1950, when silver was still in common use for the major coin denominations.
3. Most importantly, they all had to be cherry picks, in terms of best value for money.

I stopped collecting in this way about 3 years ago, because silver coins could no longer be found in dealers' junk boxes. During the period of collecting with this strategy, I had accumulated about 1,000 World coins, which now is capable of forming quite a few specialist areas.
Valued Member
Russian Federation
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 Posted 08/28/2021  4:18 pm  Show Profile   Check Slerk's eBay Listings Bookmark this reply Add Slerk to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Pmint1 First, select the country that you are interested in. After collecting everything under the contract, I switched to collecting coins of Denmark and after buying several coins, I realized that they all belong to King Christian IX and thus I realized that now my topic is coins of Denmark during the reign of Christian IX. ( Although I have now sold out my collection, this was the beginning of serious collecting). After choosing the country of the coin that you want to collect, you will gradually move on to the period.
There is also nothing stopping you from collecting several topics on world coins. We all have 1-2 main topics and a million more secondary ones.
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