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Internet Explorer can only do one image at a time.

Microsoft Edge will not work at all. Microsoft does not know how to make a browser, still.

1. Upload Image(s) by clicking the green box.

2. Very Important! If there is a lot of space in the image around the coin, select "Crop Image," resize the white box to show just the coin and click "Apply Crop." Important: Increase the width of the image back to the original before doing this.

3. The number in green above the image must be 300.0kb or less. If it's not, tweak the width until it is under.

4. If you uploaded more than one image, click the next thumbnail below and repeat this process for each image.

5. When all images are done, click Save Image(s) and a green download arrow will appear next to each thumbnail.

6. Now the images will be on your device/PC and you can upload them normally to a forum post.

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