Susan Gamble - US Mint Artistic Infusion Program and Master Designer 2004 - 2015

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Susan Gamble

Susan Gamble (1957 - 2015) grew up in Danville, Virginia where she graduated from George Washington High School. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1978. In 1980, her husband Mike was commissioned in the United States Air Force and Susan began a 30-year trek around the United States with him. They had various assignments from California to Virginia and New Mexico to Alabama, before finally settling in San Antonio for Mike’s final assignment. After his retirement she moved to the home of her dreams near New Braunfels and remained there until her death.

Despite the challenges of being an Air Force spouse and moving every two to three years, Susan was able to make an extremely successful career as a graphic artist and designer. In fact, she credited the challenge of moving so often with helping her develop a diversity of skills that enhanced her work through the years.

She worked in graphic design, traditional and digital illustration, web design, and animation, running her own business, Gamble Graphics. Her design work includes posters, product labels, brochures, national magazines, logos and advertising art. Her illustrations and animations are featured in books, pilot training courseware, and websites in cities all across the United States. Much of her work was done for the National Park Service and foundations that exist to preserve America’s history and its natural beauty. Special projects included portraits of President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, and Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr. for a book about the U.S. Navy Memorial. Three highlights of her career were working as a graphic artist for the National League of Cities in Washington, D.C. and having her work published in a series of books on Spanish missions by Pentacle Press. She also designed the Air Force Combat Action Medal.

But the artwork she will be remembered for the longest is the work she did as an award-winning master designer for the United States Mint. She was the recipient of the Mint’s 2008 Artist Infusion Program Award for Excellence in Design. Her 2007 Jamestown silver dollar won the prestigious international Coin of the Year Award (COTY Award) for Historical Significance for the United States of America. Among the many coins she designed are the reverse sides of the Alaska, Oklahoma and Washington state quarters, the reverses of multiple First Spouse gold coins, several portraits for the presidential dollar series, the reverse of the 2009 Lincoln penny and many commemorative coins ranging from bald eagles to the WWII code talkers.

Design and Sculpting Credits as a US Mint Medallic Artist

2007 - 2015 Air Force Combat Action Medal
2007 Jamestown 400th Anniversary $5 gold reverse
2007 Jamestown 400th Anniversary silver dollar reverse
2007 Washington State Quarter reverse
2007 Martha Washington First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal reverse
2008 Alaska State Quarter reverse
2008 Oklahoma State Quarter reverse
2008 Bald Eagle commemorative $5 gold and clad half dollar obverse
2008 Louisa Adams First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal obverse
2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial $5 gold obverse
2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial silver dollar reverse
2009 Lincoln Bicentennial cent reverse – “Presidency in D.C.”
2009 Letitia Tyler First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal reverse
2009 James K. Polk Presidential golden dollar obverse
2009 American Platinum Eagle $100 bullion coin reverse – “A More Perfect Union”
2010 Abigail Fillmore First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal reverse
2010 Franklin Pierce Presidential golden dollar obverse
2011 Olympic National Park America the Beautiful quarter and silver bullion coin reverse
2011 US Army commemorative silver dollar reverse
2011 Lucy Hayes First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal obverse
2012 Alice Paul First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal obverse
2012 Denali National Park and Preserve America the Beautiful quarter and silver bullion coin reverse
2013 Ida McKinley First Spouse $10 gold bullion coin and bronze medal obverse
2013 Native American golden dollar reverse – “The Delaware Treaty”
2013 Tlingit Tribe WWII Code Talkers Congressional Gold Medal obverse and reverse

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