Table of Contents - Appraising Your Coin Collection

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Table of Contents

01 - Introduction
02 - Inheritance
03 - Leave or Sell Your Coins
04 - Appraisal Versus Selling
05 - Staying with your Collection
06 - Selling Your Coins
07 - Where to Sell Your Coins
08 - Auctions
09 - What to Keep, What to Sell
10 - Local Laws for Selling Coins and Precious Metals
11 - Taxes from Profits Selling Coins
12 - Coin Terminology
13 - Handling and Examining Coins
14 - Storing your Collection
15 - Grading Coins
16 - Identifying Die Varieties
17 - Organizing your Collection
18 - Looking for Rare Dates
19 - Modern Silver Coins
20 - Modern Proof Sets
21 - Foreign Coins
22 - Mint Error Coins - What Do You Have There by Fred Weinberg
23 - Examples of Error Coins
24 - Rare Dates and Die Varieties
 A - Half Cents
 B - Large Cents
 C - Flying Eagle Cents
 D - Indian Cents
 E - Lincoln Cents
 F - Two Cents
 G - Three Cents (Silver)
 H - Three Cents (Nickel)
 I - Liberty Seated Half Dimes
 J - Shield Nickels
 K - Liberty Head Nickels
 L - Buffalo Nickels
 M - Jefferson Nickels
 N - Liberty Seated Dimes
 O - Barber Dimes
 P - Mercury Dimes
 Q - Roosevelt Dimes
 R - Liberty Seated Twenty Cents
 S - Liberty Seated Quarters
 T - Barber Quarters
 U - Liberty Standing Quarters
 V - Washington Quarters
 W - Liberty Seated Half Dollars
 X - Barber Half Dollars
 Y - Walking Liberty Half Dollars
 Z - Franklin Half Dollars
AA - Kennedy Half Dollars
BB - Liberty Seated Dollars
CC - Trade Dollars
DD - Morgan Dollars
EE - Peace Dollars
FF - Eisenhower Dollars
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Copyright 2015 by Kevin Flynn, All Rights Reserved


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