A Cashless World By Speedy

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This article is written so others can read my views as a coin collector on how a cashless world would not only hurt coin collectors but actually everybody eventually.

The idea of the cashless society has been around for decades. Even back in the 1960's when bank cards were beginning to come about it was clear that a cashless world was coming. It's almost here!

I have known people that trust the bank with every cent they have and almost never have a dollar in their back pocket, they only carry a little piece of plastic. I know others that don't have a bank account and don't want one, they deal on cash only.

This world is coming to the place where money is a plastic card labeled Master Card, Visa or etc. Some companies even give out cards so that you can get better deals at their stores…Cabela's…Kroger's…WalMart and more - we are putting too much trust in something that is valueless.

A world without "money" would work in favor of the bureaucrats who want to make it easier on the government to collect taxes or to withhold any of your assets with a push of a key. They wouldn't ever have to ask you. They would take it right out of your hand. I for one, do not want that!

I think it is only a matter of time before the cashless society arrives, but others describe the elimination of coins and currency anytime soon as a "myth".

CPI insurance estimates that by their mid-twenties, people born between 1981-1995 will have accumulated $20,000 in debt. I don't see how people can go in debt $20,000 any other way than with credit cards.

Today most "kids" don't know how to give change for a dollar bill…since there are 294 ways to give change for $1.00 (dollar)…with a cashless society they don't have to give change!! Therefore, the young people of today will be in favor of a cashless society.

Other places want your hand - they program their computers to know your fingerprint and that way you can, pay for your food, and log in at work. Now this is what they will say…you might lose your workers name tag, but will you misplace your hand or foot? - HA!! Then one day when you think it is time you quit that job….can you take the computer with you…don't think they will bother to delete all the information they have collected.

Few employees these days are paid in cash - even in check…rather, the money is placed right in their bank account (Direct Deposit) and then they must draw it out…the banks say most people are prone to leave more in the bank if it is put there automatically.

The banks say it will eliminate fraud but the bankers practice the greatest fraud of history - they deprive you of your money and replace it with virtually worthless little cards.

Money in its traditional sense no longer exists, it died decades ago when a president abolished the gold standard - what if you were told that you would no longer be able to use paper and were forced to rely on technology for ever single transaction you made…would this affect your freedom and privacy??

Consider this quote from a Washington paper
WASHINTON - Money won't be around anymore in just a few years, according to trend watchers. And the same globalist taxers that are already trying to confiscate your hard earned money can't wait for the cashless era to begin.

"The cashless society is coming," says Riel Miller, an author of the OECD report. And the sooner the better as far as he is concerned.

If I ever have to rely on a shopping cart to tell me where to go in the grocery store I want somebody to hit me! Just consider this example:

With a craving for broiled salmon, Jane quickly sifted through her spice cabinet only to find that her bottle of dill weed was nearly empty.

With a few clicks on her Bluetooth-enabled PDA, she updated her Web shopping list with the dill, and a window opened onscreen suggesting a new salmon recipe. It looked good, so she approved the recipe and her shopping list was instantly updated with all of the necessary items, omitting these that her kitchen already had in stock.

Jane drove the half-mile to her local supermarket where she grabbed a smart cart, scanned her loyalty card and saw her updated shopping list appear in front of her. It had been categorized by aisle, and the cart directed Jane to each item. While she was checking for brown spots on broccoli heads in the produce aisle, her cart signaled the pharmacy to prepare a prescription refill and sent an order for lunch meats to the deli.

The Internet says this could happen soon and it would be easy to make it work…they are already making computers into your refrigerator doors for convenience.

Slowly, slowly oh so slowly nobody notices the banks are herding us towards their nirvana of the fabled cashless economy.

People still use cash for small transactions - bus fares, buying a paper, or kids pocket money…why? Because it is still somewhat convenient. However it won't be very long until no one will carry change.

One day when the banks go under - In my opinion they will - how will you be?? Will you have available money for the necessities of life or will you be one of the ones left cashless? BUT you can learn how to be wise with your money NOW.

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