What does CAM Mean?

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1. CAM is short for Close AM.

2. CAM is short for Cameo.

Close AM

Wide AM and close AM are varieties of 1998, 1999, and 2000 Lincoln cents. It refers to the distance between the A and the M in America on the reverse of the coin. See the photo below, the wide AM is on the top and the close AM is on the bottom.

  Lincoln Cent Wide AM and Close AM Comparison
Lincoln Cent Wide AM and Close AM Comparison
Image Courtesy of NGC


The term applied to coins, usually Proofs and prooflike coins, that have frosted devices and lettering that contrast with the fields. When this is deep the coins are said to be "black and white" cameos. Occasionally frosty coins have "cameo" devices though they obviously do not contrast as dramatically with the fields as the cameo devices of Proofs do. Specifically applied by PCGS to those 1950 and later Proofs that meet cameo standards (CAM).

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