Grading Jefferson Nickels

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Below are the typical grading standards for Jefferson Nickels.

Grading Jefferson Nickel

VG8 Very Good

- Second porch pillar from right nearly gone, other three still visible but weak.

F12 Fine

- Cheekbone worn flat. Hairlines and eyebrow faint. Second pillar weak, especially at bottom.

VF20 Very Fine

- Second pillar plain and complete on both sides.

EF40 Extremely Fine

- Cheekbone, hairlines, eyebrow slightly worn but well defined. Base of triangle above pillars visible but weak.

AU50 About Uncirculated

- Traces of light wear on only the high points of the design. Half of mint luster is present.

MS65 Choice Uncirculated

- No trace of wear. Barely noticeable blemishes.

Top Tier Certified Jefferson Nickels on eBay

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