All US Small Cents

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Use the images below to determine the type of Small Cent you have, all images can be enlarged by clicking on them. Then using the links to the right of the image, you can find all kinds of information for your coin. Specifications include weight, diameter, composition, and edge type along with designers and mintage figures and much more. You can read the history on your coin or look at photos of coins similar to yours. You can also buy or just check pricing on coins like yours.

1856-1858 Flying Eagle Cent

1857 Flying Eagle Cent
Image Courtesy of Brandon Kelly

Flying Eagle Cent Links

1856-1858 Flying Eagle Cent Facts 1856-1858 Flying Eagle Cent History 1856-1858 Flying Eagle Cent Grading 1856-1858 Flying Eagle Cents on eBay

1859-1909 Indian Head Cent

1864 Indian Head Cent
Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions on eBay

Indian Head Cent Links

1859-1909 Indian Head Cent Facts 1859-1864 Copper-Nickel Indian Head Cent History 1864-1909 Bronze Indian Head Cent History 1859-1909 Indian Head Cent Grading 1859-1909 Indian Head Cents on eBay

1909-1958 Lincoln Wheat Cent

1940 Lincoln Wheat Cent
Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions on eBay

Lincoln Wheat Cent Links

1909-1958 Lincoln Wheat Cent Facts 1909-Present Lincoln Cent History 1909-1958 Lincoln Wheat Cent Grading 1909-1958 Lincoln Wheat Cents on eBay

1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial Cent

1967 Lincoln Memorial Cent

Lincoln Memorial Cent Links

1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial Cent Facts 1909-Present Lincoln Cent History 1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial Cent Grading 1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial Cents on eBay

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cent

2009 Kentucky Lincoln Bicenntennial Cent
Image Courtesy of US Mint

Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Links

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Facts 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cents on eBay

2010-Present Lincoln Shield Cent

2010 Lincoln Shield Cent
Image Courtesy of US Mint

Lincoln Shield Cent Links

2010-Present Lincoln Shield Cent Facts 2010-Present Lincoln Shield Cents on eBay

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