1839 - 1857 Liberty Head (Braided Hair) Cent

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Braided Hair Large Cent Specifications


10.89 grams


100% copper

Diameter (1839):

28-29 millimeters

Diameter (1840-1857):

27 millimeters



Designer (1839):

Robert Scot, modified by Christian Gobrecht. (Obverse of one Braided Hair variety.)

Designer (1840-1857):

Christian Gobrecht
Year/ Mint MarkCirculation StrikesProof Strikes
18393,128,661 (includes some Matron Head varieties)0
18402,462,700About 20
18411,597,367About 30
18422,383,390About 20
18432,425,342About 20
18442,398,752About 30
18453,894,804About 20
18464,120,800About 30
18476,183,669About 20
18486,415,799About 20
18494,178,500About 20
18504,426,844About 20
18525,063,094About 20
18544,236,156About 30
18551,574,829About 100
18562,690,463About 150
1857333,456About 200

Mint Mark Legend

Just below the wreath on the reverse.
Mint MarkMintDate of Operation

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