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9 (Nine) (mintmark)
Mintmark for the city of Rennes (French coins).
Mintmark for the cities of: Montpelier (French coins), Naples (Italian coins).
The primary currency unit of Nigeria; there are 100 kobo to the naira.
The primary currency unit of Eritrea; there are 100 cents to the nakfa. The the unit is named after a city in the north of the country, the battle for which became symbolic of their war for independence.
Acronym for Non Circulating Legal Tender.
New Orleans
The branch Mint established in 1838 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It struck coins for the United States until its seizure in 1861 by the Confederacy. (Some 1861-O half dollars were struck after the seizure.) It reopened in 1879 and struck coins until 1909 (actually closed in 1910). Now this facility is a museum.
New Orleans Mint
The New Orleans opened its doors in 1838 and minted gold and silver coins until 1861, when the Confederates took over operations for a short time. Minting resumed in 1879 minting and continued until 1909. The New Orleans facility served as an assay office from 1909-1942 when it was permanently closed. This mint uses the "O" mintmark.
Newcomb Numbers
Howard Newcomb assigned numbers to die varieties on US Large Cents. Buy the book here on Amazon.
Mintmark for the city of Nueva Guatemala on Spanish colonial and Central American Republic coins.
Short for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.
The primary currency unit of Bhutan; there are 100 chetrum to the ngultrum.
The fractional currency unit of Zambia; there are 100 ngwee to the kwacha.
Popular term for a five-cent piece struck in cupro-nickel alloy (actually 75% copper, 25% nickel).
Acronym for Not Intended for Circulation.
No "CENTS" nickel
Those Liberty Head or "V" nickels struck in 1883 without a denomination. This was very confusing to the public and led to the "racketeer" nickel scandal.
No Arrows
Term applied to coins without arrows by their dates during years when other coins had arrows by the date. (Example: the 1853 No Arrows half dime and 1853 Arrows half dime.)
No Motto
Coins struck without the motto, "IN GOD WE TRUST." This motto was mandated by an act of Congress and appeared on nearly every United States coin since the 1860s. (Teddy Roosevelt felt this was sacrilegious and had it removed from the newly redesigned 1907 eagles and double eagles. Citizen protests soon were overwhelming and it was restored in 1908.) This also refers to coins struck before the motto was added in the 1860s.
No Stars
Term applying to the Christian Gobrecht designed Liberty Seated coins without stars.
Term applied to a coin returned from a third-party grading service that was not encapsulated because of varying reasons. (This could be for cleaning, damage, questionable authenticity, etc.)
Slang for NGC's Edgeview holders.
numerical grading
Specifically, the Sheldon 1-70 scale employed by PCGS and others.
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
Third-party grading service based in Parsipany, New Jersey.
Numismatic News
Weekly numismatic periodical established in 1952.
The science of studying coins, and items related to coins either by physical appearance (eg. medals and rounds), method of manufacture (eg. badges) or usage as money. (eg. tokens and paper money)
One who studies or collects money or substitutes thereof.
The Latin word for "coin". The name is given to the tiny, late Roman bronze coins of the final years of "Roman coinage", prior to the coinage reform of Anastasius I that introduced "Byzantine coinage". Under the Byzantine monetary system, the nummus was the basic currency unit; all coins were tariffed at multiples of the nummus.

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