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Mintmark for the cities of: Narbonne (French coins pre-1600), Perpignan (French coins from 1711).
The fractional currency unit of Azerbaijan; there are 100 qapik to the manat. The name derives from the Russian "kopek".
The fractional currency unit of Albania; there are 100 qindarka to the lek.
The Arabic spelling of the Ottoman Turkish unit, the kurush. The name (or a variant thereof) is used in several Middle Eastern countries, as either a fractional or secondary currency unit.
The smallest copper coin issued by the Roman Empire, though in the early Republic, even smaller coins were issued. Worth a quarter of an as, or 1/64th of a denarius.
Short for a coin of the quarter dollar denomination.
Quarter Eagle
Correct terminology for a two-and-one-half dollar gold coin. This denomination, two and one half dollars or one fourth of an eagle, was first struck in 1796, struck sporadically thereafter, and discontinued in 1929.
The primary currency unit of Guatemala; there are 100 centavos to the quetzal. Named after a tropical bird, revered by the native Maya peoples.
A small ancient Roman silver coin, worth half a denarius; the name means "fiver". A gold coin the same size as a silver quinarius, worth half an aureus, is called a "gold quinarius".

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