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So I Decide To Visit A Coin Shop For The First Time.

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 Posted 04/09/2020  7:33 pm Show Profile   Bookmark this topic Add crok to your friends list Get a Link to this Message
I had been putting off visiting simply because I only collect gold coins in slabbed 70 grade.

This dealer has nothing even close to hat I am after but has a few mint state smaller gold raw coins.

He is basically standing there answering direct questions but not really getting involved in trying to interest me in anything.

I show him my NGC MS70 slabbed coin and he says . . .

" You know those things can be fakes " ...

I look at him and ask if he has any coin books and he says ' no' I ask him how much the coin catalog is and he says $49.

I shrug and say goodbye and leave a bit deflated since their was literally nothing I could buy to just give him a small sale even.

As I walk down the street I think maybe I could think about those three gold coins for just over a thousand dollars . . .

Then I think about his comment that my slabbed coin could be faked and think " then that means your raw gold coins could be fakes as well ! "

I wander off home and wonder if he is either ' money launderer ' or is simply in business to buy up " estate sales " from people who have inherited a coin collection.

He certainly showed very little interest in me and did nothing to highlight his coins nor business . . .

Back to online buying...
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 Posted 04/09/2020  7:41 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Earle42 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Sad story indeed. Especially in times like these you would think a small business owner would be falling all over himself to be helpful.
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 Posted 04/09/2020  7:58 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add sel_69l to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I suspect that the dealer had figured that he had nothing in his inventory that would be of interest to you.

Because of this, he may have been less diplomatic than he should have been, for the health of his business.
Financially and emotionally, dealers are hurting just now, due to loss in business caused by social and travel restrictions driven by the CV threat.
Far fewer potential customers coming through the door.
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United States
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 Posted 04/09/2020  9:27 pm  Show Profile   Check paralyse's eBay Listings Bookmark this reply Add paralyse to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
And people wonder why so many coin shops went out of business.

My "local" (~25 miles) coin shop is not like this, fortunately, and I have known the owner for awhile. Even then, I never visit him anymore. Why?

It started when they got rid of the junk bins and bargain boxes. Then they got rid of all of the junk silver entirely. Then all of the raw circulated and AU/BU coins went away from the cases; the Dansco and Whitman albums soon followed, along with proof sets, mint sets, ancients and non-US coins. The paper money went away as well.

Nowadays the owner -- who is a great guy -- has cases full of bullion, from "silver bullets" and ingots to rows of Onzas, ASE's, Britannias, Maple Leafs, Gold Eagles, platinum bullion, etc. He has a great relationship with his bullion customers (which is not me) but I am sad to see the "old days" gone by the wayside.

I can understand that a lot of shop owners and dealers have been feeling the frustration on so many levels...a dearth of collectors, the rise of auctions and Internet sales, a much greater ability to locate specific coins without needing to come back every week and browse..along with exorbitant insurance costs, shrink/loss to theft, rising rents and payroll taxes.

That being said, there's never any excuse to take your frustrations out on a customer. I could never get away with treating a guest like that, with the cold shoulder, the apathy, the boredom, the lack of interest, because there's so many other options out there these days for that customer to choose. You never know who's walking through the door, and you can't possibly survive in business if you treat your guests as an inconvenience or an interruption instead of as a buyer and a customer.

And yes, I get it, as a dealer, when "that buyer" comes in, looks at a lot of your coins for an hour or two straight, and then picks out one dirt-cheap item and wants to argue the price. That same customer may have been "testing" you and then come back next week and dropped $15,000 in the blink of an eye, but you'll never know because you didn't think they were worth your time for a $15 purchase.

It is my opinion that if a coin shop owner or dealer cannot treat each customer with respect, enthusiasm, and appreciation -- whether it's a little kid buying his first Whitman album for State Quarters, or a serious collector dropping five figures on pretty coins in pretty slabs, or anyone in between -- then that dealer/owner has no business being IN business. They are hurting the hobby, hurting the reputation of the few good shops left, and possibly permanently turning people away from what might have been a long-term, profitable, enjoyable business relationship.
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United States
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 Posted 04/09/2020  10:02 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add fplagge to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Well said, Paralyse.

The op's narrative recalls for me an experience my wife had years ago in a furniture store.
She asked a salesman for the price of an item, and he replied "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." my wife was floored! I later learned that the salesman was actually the OWNER of the store.
We never went back to that store and it eventually closed.

People can act so foolishly sometimes.

Just thought I would throw my Two Cents in. Have a good day.
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 Posted 04/09/2020  10:21 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add crok to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Sometimes when sales people are just so ridiculous in their actions or inattentiveness and I am beside myself ; I simply ask them the name / details of their main competitor.

But I only do that when they are extremely so poor in service I feel they need a wake-up call ; after all it might help the business or help them keep a job if they self-reflect a bit.

I once rang Home Depot and asked for the manager; he came on to the phone and asked hat the problem was ; I commended one of his floor staff.

He was literally blown away to get a compliment instead of a complaint ! ! !
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United States
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 Posted 04/10/2020  08:53 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add just carl to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Actually what may have happened is you walked into something. That place was robbed and you happened to walk in on the robber. He was just there robbing the place and you thought he was the owner so he did whatever he could to make you leave. And it worked.
just carl
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United States
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 Posted 04/10/2020  5:53 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Lionel90 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I have similar experience when I go to my local Coin store. I've never been able to establish a relationship with anyone there. I must not be the type of customer they want. Now I buy lots of coins from auction and Ebay.
Bedrock of the Community
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 Posted 04/10/2020  10:43 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add sel_69l to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Over nearly five decades of coin collecting, I have always had fairly good friendships with every coin dealer that I have spent some extended time with.
They get to know you, and you get to know them.
Numismatic friendships become established.

Besides buying coins, I have been the beneficiary of some very good numismatic advice over the years, which has helped my numismatic wisdom enormously.

One basic rule:- Don't waste their time.
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New Zealand
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 Posted 04/11/2020  02:42 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Princetane to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply

Crok only collects Gold graded 70! Yeah that leaves a massive market for the bricks and mortar coin store. Believe they make more money off beginners and average collectors, not over entitled snobs looking for fleur de coin rarities.

Thats what Bowers and Merena is for. My guess is Crok went in there, started sniffing at the less than in his eyes spectacular rarities and decided to descend off his ivory tower down to the level of us mortals and decided his descent from Mt Olympus of coins was not worth his time.

If some clown marched into my shop and demanded to see 70 graded gold coins under a counter (A major security risk given our crime ridden society and the fact the market for such things must be so minimal), I would tell him to beat it.

Seriously people, how many suburban or mall coin shops do you enter and see $25k and $100k MS70 graded 1907 Double eagles in the window. Every meth head in the world would be breraking down the walls in seconds.

We only have 2 in New Zealand and mostly its overpriced coins and modern sets that cost a few hundreds tops and a true rarity is a $1000 coin. Mostly its a box of 10 cents or $10 junk.

I am not the slightest bit sympathetic to Crok and feel sorry for my dealer. He pushed you out dude as he knew you would not buy anything and was just wasting yours and his time.

The world of the rich and the people do not mix, keep it that way.

I agree with Sel69 and others - establish a rapport with your dealers, even if they have nothing you want, a good one asks you on your coin interests and often they will try and buy stuff they know you may buy. It's happened for me in the stamp world, friendly with dealers and the coin people on Trade Me.

It also looks like Crok was not looking for an ally or regular commitment - just hopefully a purchase of a high quality coin at no doubt a low as possible price.

My Dad said the rich didn't get rich by being kind. Most are very tight and you only hear of them making big donations and stuff if some nice publicity comes along.
Loving Halfcrowns. British and Commonwealth coins 1750 - 1950 and anything Kiwi.
If it's round, shiny and silvery I will love it.
Edited by Princetane
04/11/2020 02:46 am
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 Posted 04/11/2020  04:29 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add crok to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
LO ; hen I arrived the shop as shut for lunch. I looked in the windows etc. I gave him ten minutes after he unlocked the door and entered and looked around and asked him about coins.

He gave a five word answer as he looked out the window. I asked about his coins and saw literally five gold coins on display and none slabbed.

After I attempted to try conversation another to times about coins and was basically rebuffed ; I pulled out an NGC 70 graded coin .

SP70 2016-W Mercury dime 1/10 Oz. Gold 100th Anniversary

whereas he informed me that slab could be faked etc. then I asked about coin book and he answered the only books I have are catalogs and I asked him the price and he replied 49.95 $

ROFL truly an 70 graded replica dime in gold makes me toffee nosed jerk ? I doubt it. Regardless it as his business to highlight coins and his business ability to try and sell me something . . .

He never even tried ! ! ! after I left I even thought of going in there and spending over 1,ooo $ to buy gold coins.

but since his suggestion my slabbed NGC """ million dollar """ gold coin as fake. then I knew his piddly five ungraded coins were most likely gold foil encrusted tungsten...

Personally I live in a small area and there is not many coin shops, obviously he at that time s not trying to make any connections, I will try another . . .

but truly coin dealers do not do themselves any favours by such inattentive behaviours ! ! !

regards ;)
Pillar of the Community
New Zealand
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 Posted 04/11/2020  05:21 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Princetane to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Okay, well he sounds like a scammer now - maybe it was better for both of you.

It sounds like you know what you were after, so no doubt you would not be easily fooled by this huckster. Sadly there are a lot of scammers out there.
Loving Halfcrowns. British and Commonwealth coins 1750 - 1950 and anything Kiwi.
If it's round, shiny and silvery I will love it.
Valued Member
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 Posted 04/11/2020  05:38 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add crok to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Princetane ; thank you for your kind words ! ! !

But the reality is , no matter ho successful any business it needs to grow till it is bigger than Amazon.

I do not care what his business model is, he could always grow and employ 5 people instead of himself.

to me ho just appeared to look around he seemed uninterested in promoting his business and I feel that affects coins themselves negatively.

while I hate sales people who get into your face , he could have at least try and showcase his wares. After all he as only looking out the window.

that is hat annoyed me , he had no attempt to even try and open a conversation or display his wares.

and that is what makes me think if he as not interested in selling maybe he only cared about about buying up estate sales or whatever.

regardless on my visit he did nothing to promote coins nor collecting, he has an expensive rental location so whatever his business model is (even if he owns the property ) he might be losing money.

i tried to make a purchase, now I must look for another local dealer :(

Pillar of the Community
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 Posted 04/11/2020  07:09 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add oriole to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
@crok, you unfortunately picked a bad shop and/or one on a bad day. While I don't suggest that you go back there, try another couple of shops and you may have more pleasant experiences.
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 Posted 04/11/2020  07:56 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add crok to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
you know, everyone has a poor day. I will return to the shop with a careful open mind just to see what happens !

this guy is running a business ; it's thee least I can do and I might even learn something ;)

regards :)
Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 04/11/2020  09:37 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Lionel90 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Good luck. Let us know how that turns out.
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