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Did The State Quarter Program Bring You Into The Hobby?

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United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  07:40 am Show Profile   Bookmark this topic Add 925dealer to your friends list Get a Link to this Message
I have seen in more than one book that the State Quarter program is responsible for a lot of new coin collectors. I agree with that theory. This is also why I am so pleased with all of the modern coins being produced that are "different" than the same old wore out designs. We have seen the quarter change, the nickel change, the penny change and the dollar change. Now if we could just get them to change the Roosevelt dime....

On to my question. Did the State Quarter program start or reignite your interest in the hobby? If so what coin did you choose to start collecting other than the quarters?

For me I always loved coins and the State Quarter program got a big thumbs up from me for both it's artistic nature and the theme. I knew it would help people to save money as well as spur business for the average coin dealer. One of my coin dealing friends told me he met a gentleman who mortgaged the house and took out all of the money in State Quarters and is now a millionare because of it. So tell me, how did the State Quarter program affect you? Sincerely, John Leckrone

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United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  08:42 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Bryan1315 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
No, I never really liked the series when it first came out. It was actually only when I kept seeing them in change I noticed the designs of the different states and when the NC coin came out I started looking for that one in particular. I have never been very interested in any coin I see in my pocket each and every day, I like the oddity (well not really odd just something with some history) and even today I can't bring myself to even look through the change I accumulate from breaking dollars and such. These coins just don't really interest me at all. Allot of younger collectors started with the State Quarters though even if just filling one of those map folders when the new series came out
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United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  09:40 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add KenKat to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
Good topic!

I would say the State Quarter program re-ignited my interest in coins. I collected Lincoln Cents and some type coins when I was a kid but stopped at some point. Not sure why.

I started buying proof and uncirculated mint sets starting in 1999 because of the State Quarters. Starting around 2005, I had recently completed my Topps 1973 Baseball card set - 660 cards - a dream of mine from childhood - and this kind of got the collector bug going again.

So, I started buying type coins again and soon discovered the Dansco 7070 and was hooked BIG TIME. Then, when the new Lincoln designs came out, I got the bug to organize my Lincoln collection, bought a Dansco 7100 and am also working backwards to fill that with BU coins. I am back into the 30's for the Lincolns and it's getting $$$ which slows me down, but that's ok. The 7070 is also almost complete - at least round 1! Then, upgrades perhaps.

Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  11:03 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add trainhater to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
No, I didn't have much interest at the time, Although I have a BU set and a silver proof set now. I guess just to have them. I started to collect when I realized I needed a hobby or something to collect. Basically something to spend my time on. I dated a girl who's husband died and he collected statues of clowns. Why clowns I don't know, but he had thousands of dollars invested and she sold them all for $60.

I wanted something to pass down that would have value for my kids. So I it is all for my kids. Which makes it easier in the fact I have no interest in selling what I collected. Some day they can sell or keep what they want. Thinking (at least hoping) I will be around to collect for many years, I do invest in modern coins. I wish I had kept some of the coins I used to find in change 40 years ago. I remember my sister getting a roll of quarters and picking the silver ones out, but then spending them! If I only knew. Looking back at older red books makes me want to cry.

My kids are developing interest also which is an educational bonus. He gets excited on a 1976 quarter, I remember getting my first one and then spending it. So maybe the Statehood Quarters will be like that for him. My daughter just made me buy her a 1957 proof quarter because it was very shiny. Kinda cute.

I hope someday to pass down a really nice collection. They are both very bright kids.

Take care,

Pillar of the Community
United States
1179 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  11:13 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add ceaton to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I wouldnt say it got me into it, but a friend of mine was showing me his coins one day and my collector state of mind started up again. I used to collect sports cards...still have them too. So when I was young and collected and organized my cards, I really enjoyed that. Coins kind of took the place of that, but not til recently. I've always had the collector in me, just needed to find something for my age I guess. My passion is for Lincoln cents, but I do own a full set of statehoods, including both sets of proofs. I like them just because they are cheap and a full set is really attractive to be honest.
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United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  11:46 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add jbuck to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
By the time the State Quarter Program started, I was getting to the more expensive key dates needed for my albums. The program was an inexpensive diversion that kept me active in the hobby as coin purchases slowed down.
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  11:47 am  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add captainkurt to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I can't say it was the quarters themselves that got me into collecting 5 years ago. I wanted to collect something that had value in the long run. It certainly helped that I could get BU rolls of Quarters from my bank for face value. I got excited about the history of coins and questioned how much longer would the penny or dollar be in circulation. Then everything I learned along the way just got me deeper and deeper into collecting as many coins I could for face value. Pre 1982 pennies for their copper content, Bu rolls of quarters and Dollars because they were face value, and searching halves to find silver.

Now I look back at just five years ago and see that the AU quarters I was tossing back into circulation are coming up in value! I've become even more determined to sort every coin I find from circulation, roll hunting, and auctions to maximise my chances of maintaining modern AU Roll sets, BU roll sets, and anything of interest from the US Mint Subscriptions. AU sets for my kids to search through in the future, BU sets for me to search through in retirement, and everything else for investment/hobby fulfilment.

I'm very happy with the hobby. There is sooo much out there to collect and it's easy to find! One of the few hobby's that knowledge is truly power.
Valued Member
United States
70 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  12:52 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add snick to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
yes. The State Quarter program brought me into the hobby. I now also collect ASE, both uncirculated and Proof. In addition, I collect Presidential dollars.

I will stop collecting the quarters after 2009. Enough on the new quarter designs.
Thanks for the question!
Valued Member
United States
53 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  1:47 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add biglite351 to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I actually started collecting up the quarters, even got one of the books to put them in. however, as I was just pulling them out of my change, they are not that great. I also basically stopped looking about 3 years ago and do not have near a complete collection.
Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  1:50 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add dollarcoins to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
No, I started coin collection from 2002 and was inspired by a 2002 American silver eagle coin.
Edited by dollarcoins
01/06/2010 1:51 pm
Pillar of the Community
United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  1:53 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add matchbox to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
In a word, yes.

When I first heard about the State Quarters I thought I should save them as they were released. Bought a couple of Littleton coin folders to keep them in, but wasn't concerned about the D & P mints because they were all D mints at the local bank. The State Quarters were the only coin I bothered collecting.

The Presidential dollars rolled around and thought I'd just save one each of those also, so I did. However when I heard about the approaching 2009 Lincoln Cent series it really interested me so I thought I should pick those up. I asked at the banks about them whenever I stopped at one, then on a trip to Minneapolis a little bank sold me several rolls of the LP1's. I was hooked.

The straw that broke the camel's back was joining this forum. A couple of incredibly nice members welcomed me right away and offered coins right from the start. Since then I've met many wonderful collectors in the forum and I've offered to share whatever my luck brought me in finding the new coin releases.

Altho since childhood I've saved the odd and interesting coin, 2009 was the first year I bought folders, 2x2's, coin supplies and actually went to coin shops and purchased older coins. When I first started a year ago it was the "go slow" approach: only collecting circulated coins, post 1965 dimes and quarters, forgetting the Kennedy halves (even tho I had a few) and just be concerned about filling my Littleton folders. It's not go-slow anymore.

Now I have all the 1938-2009 nickels, 1965-2009 dimes 1965-2009 quarters so now I'll have to work my way back. I have most of the Kennedy halves, only missing 16 of all the Lincoln cents and now I'm starting to get the Lincoln proofs. And then there's the Canadian coins I'm saving also.....

The prime instigators were the State Quarters, 2009 Lincoln cents and this forum.

Valued Member
United States
114 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  5:10 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add jayceeg to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
The State Quarters got me back to collecting. Like Kenkat,I collected as a kid. That and discovering that I could order direct from the mint on the Internet with no shipping charges(oh for those days again) but now I'm hooked and a collector for life.I keep telling my wife I could have worse habits. But that doesn't seem to loosen the purse strings to buy more coins. ha-ha No, she really is pretty understanding.
Pillar of the Community
United States
2566 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  7:19 pm  Show Profile   Check XavierOfGreen's eBay Listings Bookmark this reply Add XavierOfGreen to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
The State Quarter program has done the opposite for me, instead of making me interested in collecting quarters it decreased my interest in collecting them.
Oldest Found-------
Cent: 1842 (from machine) ---- Three Cent: 1866 [Nickel] (from machine)
Nickel: 1883 (from roll) ---- Dime: 1911 (from roll)
Quarter: 1932 (from machine) ---- Half: 1917 (from roll)
Dollar: 1880 (from machine) ---- Foreign: 1863 (from machine)
Valued Member
United States
120 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  7:20 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add tcmac to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I started as a basic hoarder when I was younger ... anything that was silver, had an Indian Head or a wheat reverse went into my hoard ... when the bicentennial quarter came out, I hoarded those (although six years ago I dumped most of them so I could buy other coins) ... The State Quarter program was one reason I finally started organizing my coins into a collection ... and while I'm not a big fan of the actual artwork on the State Quarters, I do look forward to the Nat'l Park series ...

Absolutely love the 2009 Lincolns ...
Valued Member
United States
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 Posted 01/06/2010  7:31 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add Terror Of Zanarkand to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
It wasn't the State Quarters that got me started, it was the reissue of Susan B Anthony dollars in 1999 that did it. I never collected the State Quarters, but I think they've been great for the hobby. However, enough's enough regarding the State park quarters. Another 10 year series is just overkill in my opinion. They should choose a new design for the quarter and leave it at that.
Pillar of the Community
United States
2734 Posts
 Posted 01/06/2010  7:35 pm  Show Profile   Bookmark this reply Add DNA to your friends list Get a Link to this Reply
I think that State Quarters gradually tipped me towards being more of a
'knowledgeable collector', versus just saving old coins like 90%'ers,
Buffalo nickels and Wheat Cents from circulation....
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